Our Custom Design Process

1. Appointment

Meet with a specialist to discuss your needs and get expert counseling

2. Design

Collaborate with our designers as we build your perfect piece

3. Approval

Approve your design
for us to manufacture it

4. Delivery

Complete Satisfaction!

1. Book an Appointment

  • Online or in-store.
  • Tell us about your needs and dreams & receive expert counseling.
    30+ years of experience & 12,000+ designs in our portfolio
  • We strive to have you as our customer & friend for life!

    Book an Appointment
black marker on notebook

2. Drawings & Revisions

  • Detailed drawings & renderings of your dreamed piece.
  • Revisions with our design/drafting software, and 3D printer.
  • Ongoing dialogue to ensure your design matches your expectations.

    Start with an Appointment
person holding white ipad with black case

3. Approval & Manufacturing

  • You approve your final design & price.
  • We manufacture it.
  • Ongoing dialogue to ensure your design matches your expectations!

    Start with an Appointment
fire in close up photography

4. Delivery