November's Birthstones

Citrine, the "healing quartz"  &  Topaz, the "stone of fire"

Forget dreary November skies - your birthstone is here to brighten things up! If you're born in the eleventh month, you get two sunny stones - topaz and citrine. 

First up, topaz. This gem brings the golden glow of autumn leaves with its iconic yellow and orange hues. Believe it or not, topaz doesn't naturally form in crazy electric blue. Most blue topaz you see was nudged into color perfection through some crafty gem science. Still gorge though! Swiss blue, Sky blue, and London blue are some of the most popular but Ocean blue is a rare find you'll be lucky to come across. We happen to have one of these beauties.

And then there's citrine, the cozy fireplace to topaz's autumn leaves. Its warm shades of yellow, orange and brown are like sunshine in your hand. Citrine's vibe is more chilled out boho goddess than flashy diva. And good thing too, since real natural citrine is super rare. Most of the citrine jewelry you'll find started off as amethyst before getting its groove on under some serious heat. 

Lucky November babies get to rock these sunny gems all year long. The quartz family connection makes topaz and citrine nice and durable too - no need to baby these stones! So go ahead and sparkle bright all season long with your November birthstone jewels!

Contact us or come to our store to see what we have! We'll custom design the piece of your dreams.

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