December's Birthstones

December's Dazzling Duo: Tanzanite and Blue Topaz

'Tis the season to sparkle, and December babies have not one, but two enchanting birthstones to light up their lives – the mesmerizing tanzanite and the radiant blue topaz! 

Tanzanite: A Blue-Violet Vision from Tanzania

Now, let's journey to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, where tanzanite was discovered in 1967 by a cattle herder. With its striking blue-violet hue, tanzanite is truly a one-of-a-kind gem that captures the imagination. It's believed to possess spiritual significance, promoting wisdom, truth, and a deep connection with the divine. In fact, some even say that wearing tanzanite can enhance your psychic abilities – a mystical touch for the holiday season!

Tanzanite is also associated with transformation and new beginnings, making it the perfect gem to ring in the New Year. Whether you're stepping into a new chapter of your life or simply want to infuse some positive energy into your December festivities, tanzanite is the gem that keeps on giving.

Blue Topaz: A Sky-Blue Symphony

Imagine a clear winter sky on a crisp December day – that's the ethereal beauty of blue topaz. Ranging from a serene Swiss blue to a deep London blue, this gem is like a miniature slice of the heavens. Legend has it that blue topaz has the power to calm tempers and even promote clear communication. So, if your holiday gatherings get a bit too lively, keep a piece of blue topaz close for a touch of tranquility.

Don't be fooled by its serene appearance; blue topaz also packs a punch when it comes to symbolism. It's said to represent love and fidelity, making it an ideal gift for that special someone.

Come visit us to shop from our wide collection of Blue Topaz and Tanzanite beauties. Cheers to a sparkling December!

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