Mold Making

A Mold (or Mould in British) is a hollowed-out cavity which makes up the negative form of a final product.  When filled with a certain material, cavity of the Mold produces a replica of the final product.

As far as jewelry applications are concerned, Mold is used almost entirely for creating multiple duplicates, rapid prototyping, of the “Master Model” of a jewelery piece to be used later in investment casting.  Mold is injected with hot wax until the cavity is completely full.  The wax cools and solidifies in the shape of the cavity and therefore in the shape of the final product.  Mold is then separated and a duplicate wax Model of the final product is removed out of the cavity.  This process is repeated to produce multiple Models of the final product.  Depending on the material used to produce it, a Mold can be used many times until the quality of the Models it produces degrades.

If you have a need to produce tens and hundreds of orders of the same jewellery product, Gold Tech’s Mold Making services may be ideal for you.  We produce our Molds from rubber and silicon based materials depending on your jewellry needs.  In order for us to produce a Mold, a Master Model is the minimum requirement.

Note:  Although we still provide Mold Making services to our clients, advancements in the rapid prototyping industry have allowed us to produce multiple duplicates of a Model quickly without the need of a Mold.  If you would like to find out whether you really need a Mold for your particular application, please speak to one of our specialists.  We will be happy to guide you in the best direction for your application.