Investment Casting

Investment casting, also called lost-wax casting, is one of the oldest known methods of forming metals.  With this method, the Model of a product is fixed to a wax shaft, commonly known as sprue, along with other models to make up what is called a casting tree.  Then the tree is placed in a bath of liquid plaster.  When the plaster solidifies, it locks the tree inside.  Later, the plaster is baked not only to cure but also to melt the tree.  Baking leaves negative space previously filled by the tree therefore making the “investment”. The negative space left by the sprue is used as a passage through which molten metal is introduced into the investment.  Once the molten metal is cooled, the investment is dissolved releasing the final product.

At Gold Tech, we provide investment casting services for traditional wax products as well as products made from rapid prototyping resins.  Please ask our specialists for details if you are interested in casting using different type of models.

You can also find out more about the casting and investment casting process in our educational documentation section.