Finishing is a term coined for wide-ranging applications in which the jeweler adds the final touches to a jewelry product.  Depending on the design, a jewelry product may require many applications of the finishing process such as enameling, plating, polishing, and etc.

Enameling is the decorative process of adding color to the jewelery with the use of powder glass and a colorful substrate composite.  This composite is commonly known as enamel and it is applied in powder form into grooves on the jewellery.  Later it is baked and cooled to form a durable, smooth, and vitreous coating on the jewelry.  This type of enameling is known as “Hot Enameling” in the industry.  At Gold Tech, we offer not only this form of enameling but also “Cold Enameling” which the decorations are created using dyes as a more affordable alternative.

Plating is a process of covering metal sections of a jewelry piece with a different type of metal than the make up of the piece itself.  Most commonly used in covering white gold pieces with rhodium; though, at Gold Tech, we offer more than just rhodium such as different tones of gold plating.  Please ask an associate about the types of plating we can apply to your designs.

Most common application of the finishing process is the art of polishing.  While it may sound like a simple task, polishing is truly an art due to the amount of expertise it requires.  This process can be very time consuming as it usually takes several stages of rubbing and/or chemical treatment.

As we mentioned before, there are many other finishing applications besides from above.  We are capable of producing whatever appearances, colors, textures, and etc. you desire on your jewelery.  Whatever they may be, we are confident that we will able to accommodate your needs.  So, please do not hesitate to speak with our specialists to acquire more information.