Model Making

Often confused or misused, Model, or sometimes called Cast or Pattern, is a replica of the final product generally produced using a preliminary material.  In other terms, it is the positive of the final product where as a Mold would be the negative.  In jewelery applications, the preliminary material is usually wax; although, with newer rapid prototyping methods, it can be many different types of resin.

Traditionally jewelry models are produced by a jeweler manually carving wax using hand tools.  At Gold Tech, we rapid prototype jewellery models with the use of machinery driven by computers and electronic controllers.  These machines are loaded with CAD-Models and operated by a specialist.

Our machines are capable of making models out of wax as well as many different types of resins which can be used in investment casting.  Resins offer much more accuracy and detail; although, they require additional pre-casting preparation and different baking timings when used for investment casting.

In order to utilize Gold Tech’s Rapid Prototyping and Model Making services, the CAD-Model for the final product is a requirement.  Even though we have extensive experience in Model making by hand, today, we only utilize that experience during post-production modifications and clean-up.