Design Your Own Jewelry

Do you know how “Special” feels?

After all, jewelry was originally created to make individuals feel just that – Special.

At Gold Tech, we want to bring that feeling to your life. We believe that every individual is rare and unique and we are here to help you communicate that distinctiveness.

Combination of leading-edge technology and our life-long expertise allows us to produce the most beautiful jewelry that you can truly own. With us, you have the power to create pieces which truly describe & express not only your individuality but also your exceptionality.

Design Your Own Jewelry

In the past, we have offered our services for you to design your own engagement ring. Today, we are taking it further. It is now easier than ever to design your own ring, design your own necklace, design your own earring, etc. Whatever you have in your mind as far as jewelry goes, we are here for you.

The Process

It’s Very Easy! You DON’T have to be an artist or designer. You DON’T even have to know what you are looking for. As we always say, “We are here to help”.

In just 4 steps you will design and build your own custom jewelry:

1. Visit Our Store: Everything starts with insight into who you are! This gives us a chance to get acquainted and understand you as an individual. Click here to get directions to our store now.

2. Generate Ideas: If you have your own ideas, show it to us. Or, bring your favorite jewelry that you already own. Otherwise, we will browse through collections of imagery to understand what you like and dislike.

3. Finalize Concept: Working with our custom jewelry designers you will narrow your ideas into a concept which truly articulate your individuality. You will be able to control each element of the piece to get exactly what you are looking for.

4. Production: All you have to do in this phase is “Wait with Excitement” as we handle the rest for you.


Complete design and build of your own jewelry is approximately 2 weeks. Within that short time, you will create your own jewelry — a piece that sets you apart and shows how special you are.

Additional Considerations

Creating your own jewelry does not have to start from nothing. You can turn your existing stones, significant occasions, or symbols of associations into jewelry which describes the most special for you.

If you have a loose diamond or gem from another product, you can create your design around that. For example, using our custom jewelry service, you can easily add a modern touch to inherited items from your parents or grandparents.

Maybe you have a very important moment such as birth or wedding which you would like to retain in an everlasting capsule. You can describe the emotions of such occasions with a beautiful artwork which will distinguish your very nature.

How about your significant connections to social associations? Your attachments to a good cause, strength you gain through an organization, or even proud display of devotion to a team might just be the elements which describe you. Whether they are philosophical, political, religious, or athletic, Gold Tech’s Custom Jewelry service is best way to display and spread your ideals as an individual.

Are you ready to design your very own custom jewelry?

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